Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde is something that affect’s many people but especially those of us who are sensitive to energies. It usually happens 3 or 4 times a year and at the time of writing this post we are going through the August 30 – September 22 2016 Mercury Retrograde (MR) period. However, this blog post will apply to any MR period in any year!

Mercury is the planet that controls communication, technology and travel and when it is retrograde it means that it “appears” to be travelling backwards. Hence it interferes with communication (notice the conversations/arguments/disagreements you have with people at the time), technology (does your printer, lap-top, dishwasher, washing machine or other devise want to give up? ~ check if Mercury is retrograde!) and travel (flights, trains, buses in fact any travel arrangements are subject to cancellation, change or delay during this period of time).

Think of a stream wanting to flow backwards up a mountain from it’s source ~ it will never happen. The same is true of Mercury Retrograde; if we try to fight against it then things will only go from bad to worse. Better to be prepared and expectant of the challenges that you may face during this time and if possible slow down, breath and work through it. Knowledge is power and I always find that when I am aware of the Mercury Retrograde period then I can step into that flow and allow things to happen as and when. If I’m not aware and suddenly find myself struggling then usually a check of the calendar to reveal the MR period and I can allow myself to get back on track.

However, it’s not all bad when it comes to the MR period as I have found over the years it’s a wonderful time to move at a slower pace and embrace the “re” aspects of life ~ re-new, re-flect, re-consider, re-create, re-organise, re-connect, re-energise, re-evaluate or re-affirm (to name a few). It’s a wonderful time to get back in touch with your creative side (even if you don’t think you are creative ~ we are all creative beings) and therefore a really good time to plan to spend some time alone in nature or in meditation. I personally find I get a greater sense of “connectedness” during my meditation sessions when Mercury is Retrograde, but the same may not be true for you.

Mercury Retrograde is most definitely a time to slow down and you will find if you do then you will sail through it with ease. It took me a long time to navigate how to work through MR period’s but once I started to slow down I felt much more “in the flow” ~ try it for yourself and I hope you too will find the MR period one to flow with, rather than against.

As always I’d love to hear about how you navigate the Mercury Retrograde periods of your

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My Manifestation Moment!

I recently did one of my weekly Angel Card readings by video and the main theme of the message coming through was all about “manifestation”. I shared in the video some tips for manifesting and invited people to start working on manifesting in their own lives. I want to say I was surprised by the results; but the Universe and the Angels never cease to amaze me with their results. I had e-mails, text’s and messages from people who reported manifesting anything from vintage cars, to unusual coloured butterflies, books that wished to be read magically appeared for people and one person even found a long-lost friend. It was so wonderful and empowering for everyone to be part of their own manifestation with such amazing results.

However, I myself also decided to work some manifestation magic at the same time as I asked others to participate in this experiment and I would like to share with you here how my manifestation transpired.

Many of you who follow me on FB ( or receive my monthly newsletters via the sign-up on my website (, will be fully aware of the impact Wayne Dyer’s death had on me. I even wrote a blog post about it which you can read here –ย Since Wayne’s death I keep seeing references to St Francis of Assisi not just in the books that I am re-reading that Wayne himself wrote but also in different spiritual texts! Wayne Dyer truly loved the work of St Francis of Assisi, and although I know very little about him; apart from what I learnt as a child and what Wayne wrote about in his books, I kept finding myself drawn to him, especially during my meditations. Hence, my manifestation moment was centred around this!

I decided that I would like to manifest in my life some obvious sign that St Francis of Assisi was working with me in my life. I began to remember subtle details from my past, like the hall I used to go to disco’s in was called “St Francis’ Hall”; our current pope (Pope Francis) was in the news a lot at the time as he was on a high profile trip to the States and my husband was in talks with a guy called “Francis” about his business. However, despite all these subtle signs I knew I needed something much more profound than this to show that my manifestation had worked.

One day shortly afterwards, as I checked into my Angel page on Facebook; a post appeared clearly in view showing an image of St Francis (you can see the very image below!). It was from an Angel Group I am a member of and the person who posted it, did so because it was St Francis of Assisi’s Birthday ~ wow ~ I was blown away! I knew there and then, without a shadow of a doubt, that St Francis was with me. It brought tears to my eyes as I read the post and in time I responded to Eileen (the person who had posted it) to explain how she had played a part in my Manifestation Moment! She was truly grateful as was I.

My connection with St Francis continues to grow and grow and I know he is playing a big part in leading me on the next stage of my spiritual journey. I hope many of you will find faith in this story to start you on your own manifestation journey.

St Franics of Assisi

Until next time ~ keep manifesting ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

Another Angel in Heaven

UnknownAs most of you will now know Dr Wayne Dyer, the inspirational & motivational writer and speaker left this earth for his next adventure on 31st August 2015. I was so upset when my friend Aly, from Scotland texted me on Monday morning (it was a bank holiday in the UK and so I hadn’t switched onto any social media or news). Aly, like many people who follow my FB Angel Page (, was well aware of the special place Wayne had in my heart.

I first came across Wayne Dyer about 10 years ago, perhaps around the same time as I started to work more closely with the Angels, and as Wayne himself would say it was as if somebody was moving the checkers about in my game of life, in order for this to occur (knowing there is no such thing as coincidence!). Wayne’s words touched me from the minute I picked up his first book, heard him speak for the first time on Hay House Radio or watched his first ever video on Youtube. It was as if I just had to have more of what this man spoke of and lived by. There was an instant connection, unlike anything I could ever describe about any other author or self-help guru I have ever come across (and believe me I have read, listened and watched countless of hundreds of them – Wayne was different and to this day I still can’t explain the effect he has on me.

There were a few similarities in our lives but not much; the most profound one being that we both had to forgive our dad’s once they had passed on. This and other incidents such as his reference to people like Lao Tzu and Carl Jung, among others whom I had come across myself in the very early days of my spiritual path; endeared me even more to this remarkable man.

I am indebted to him for mindfulness meditation, positive affirmations, staying connected with the Divine as well as the ย numerous other authors of whom I would never have read their books had it not been for Wayne’s recommendations. Sadly my wish to see him in person will not be fulfilled (as I was due to see him in London on 1st October), but he will forever be in my heart and I know his legacy will live on through his children and his books and especially his movie “The Shift” which I encourage everyone who hasn’t seen to watch without delay.

He truly was one of the “Greats” and my heart will be heavy for some time to come; but Heaven, I’m sure will delight with such a wonderful addition to it’s spirit world.

So in the words of the “Great Man” himself – “See yourself as a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul”

Rest In Peace Dear Wayne and thank you for all you did to change millions of people’s lives including mine.

Carol ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

What Signs Are You Getting?


Ok, so I have been prompted to write about “signs”!

The Angels tell me that they are giving us signs all the time but we are either too busy or we dismiss them as mere coincidence! Well, the Angels would like you to know that there is no such thing as coincidence and everything is synchronised to happen at just the right time.

We are going through a time of great energetic change with solar flares, an intense new moon on the 14th August and another full moon (which according to astrology is a super moon) on Saturday 29th August, so it is little wonder we may be feeling the effects of all this energy.

At the same time that all this energy is shifting around, we are been urged to notice the signs that are been sent specifically to us. Anything from a white feather falling in your path; or perhaps appearing in a place where you know it could not have been put by anyone else other than an Angel! Other signs could be sequence of numbers, in particular 111, 333, 555 and 777 all of which have specific meanings according to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101 app. Perhaps your sign is a book appearing in front of you, being sent to you or dropping off a shelf – take note of the contents of this book – it is indeed Divinely sent to you. Sometimes the sign can be in the form of a person who enters your life, be open and receptive to new people entering your life both personally and professionally, knowing that everyone who touches our lives has something to teach us or we in turn have something to teach them.

If you are feeling the need to meditate more, then this is the Angels way of sending you signs through your “gut” instinct. Don’t dismiss these signs, but rather find the time to be silent and listen to your soul – it speaks your language, and when you take the time to quieten the chattering mind; you soul will not just whisper but rather speak loud and clear to you.

Whatever signs you may be receiving, know that this is a very powerful time of manifestation and it is your Divine right to step into your power and the Angels will help you along every step of the way. So be open, listen and heed their messages. You will be glad in the end you did.

With much love to all of you.


Carol xxx

Hello world!

This is my very first post. I have no idea how to “blog” or even what I am going to blog about; but all I know at the moment is that I was guided by the Angels to create this space. They even suggested the name “The Angels Agenda” so it will be only a matter of time before we see what they have in store for me to share with you all!

I hope you will join me on this journey and comment and share your feedback whenever you feel guided to do so. I have no doubt the blogs will be something to do with my life but in turn they will also touch your lives as we all tend to go through similar trials, tribulations and challenges in life; all of which help us grow and move forward on this spiritual path.

Regardless of where you are in your life, I hope my writings will help you see through any clouds that may be blocking your sight and find a way through. Until I share my first real “blog” thank you for reading this short one and I look forward to connecting with you more in the future.

Much love,

Carol x